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Eugenie Spirito has been carving in stone for over two decades. She started her career in New York City, where she attended the New School and later apprenticed with world-renowned abstract expressionist sculptor Philip Pavia, a friend and contemporary of Willem DeKooning, Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline. 


In addition to her original works, Eugenie has executed commissions for private collectors in New York City, Los Angeles and Europe including Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna, Kenny G, Lyndie Benson, Brett and Miranda Tollman, James and Blanche Blatt, the family of B. Wayne Hughes, and Carl and Roberta Deutsch.

      “In addition to Pavia’s influence, my work draws inspiration from the Shona artists of Zimbabwe. I strive to create powerful, abstract impressionist sculptures that could be artifacts from the Greek Cycladic period (3,200 - 1,100 BCE) that were just unearthed. Each stone - alabaster, marble, calcite - has a unique character or personality. In my work I dialog with the stone, offering my ideas but allowing the stone to help dictate the form. It’s an intimate, meditative process, and I crave it." 

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